Ultrasonic Cleaning

Ultrasonic cleaning is the process of using ultrasonic waves to clean products. The ultrasonic waves can be used with just normal tap water, or a solvent appropriate for the item to be cleaned. The process can take anywhere from a few minutes to 20 minutes. Often times ASTM or industry standards will call out the utrasonic cleaning process needed.

At Classic Electropolishing we provide ultrasonic cleaning services for a variety of materials. Ultrasonic cleansing is normally just a step in the process of cleaning, polishing and finishing. Classic Electropolishing provides ultrasonic cleaning to the highest standards.

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  • Stainless Steel (304, 316, 400 Series) and many other metals
  • Medical, Automotive, Aerospace, Dental
  • Electropolishing, Passivation, Pickling, Ultrasonic Cleaning

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