Passivate Per ASTM A967

astm a967

We see a lot of medical device drawings mentioning passivated per ASTM A967. We have done hundreds of projects which include this standard specification. We understand how precise and repeatable stainless steel medical device products need to be. Per the ASTM website ASTM A967 relates to:

This specification covers several different types of chemical passivation treatments for stainless steel parts. It includes recommendations and precautions for descaling, cleaning, and passivation of stainless steel parts.

Passivation and Electropolishing

Along with electropolishing we do a lot of passivation projects here. Passivation is a simpler process than electropolishing and often more affordable. Passivation can be done in batches whereas electropolishing needs to be done with each part being independent. If you are a device designer or researcher and need help passivating your products to the ASTM A967 specification don’t hesitate to reach out today.