Electropolishing FAQs

We get so many questions here that we like to write some of them down in the event you have a similar question:

Do you usually electro polish on the entire part including the tip?

Yes! Usually we electro polish the entire work piece. There can be a small mark where the work piece is being held but otherwise we do electropolish the whole part.

Can you do a different finish to the tip vs. the shaft?

Yes! You can electropolish only the tip if you would like. Electropolishing is basically dipping the product in electrolyte and sending current into the piece. You can control how much of the product is dipped into the solution and that is the part which get’s electropolished. It is difficult to hold extreme tolerances when electropolishing just a portion of the work piece but it is possible.

Since electro-polishing sheds a layer – is it problematic with thin parts in the design? is the shedding uniform or relative to original dimensions?

Electropolishing is uniform across the area exposed to the Electropolishing. The amount of material lost can be controlled to a high level of precision On a nano level, electropolishing does remove peaks faster than valleys, which makes it smoother, but this doesn’t affect the relative design on most products.