Citric Passivation

At Classic Electropolishing we provide citric passivation services for a variety of metals. Passivation is a critical step in maximizing the essential corrosion resistance of parts and components machined from stainless steels. Passivation is done to stainless steel to make it less "passive" or in words other less affected by outside element and corrosion.

Passivation Particle Removal

Contaminants such as shop dirt or cutting tools iron may be transferred to the surface of the stainless steel parts during machining. If not removed, they can reduce effectiveness of the original protective film. Our multi-step citric passivation process includes several stages of rinsing, washing and agitation to help remove excess particles from the parts. We use precision machinery from Ramco to facilitate our passivation process.

Benefits of Citric Passivation

Some of the benefits of citric passivation include that it is environmentally safe and it can be faster than nitric passivation. Upon completion of a citric passivation project the materials can be safely poured out with minimal environmental impact. Citric passivation is typically faster than nitric passivation which means shorter lead times and lower prices for our consumers.

Classic Electropolishing provides citric passivation to the highest standards. Contact us today for help with your machining project.

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