automotive electropolishing

Automotive Electropolishing

At Classic Electropolishing we have experience electropolishing small stainless steel components for the automotive industry. Electropolishing is the perfect finishing solution for your stainless steel car parts. We spun out of a medical manufacturing company and understand the level of detail and quality that is required for automotive parts.

Automotive electropolishing allows you to provide a better looking and higher quality product for your end customers. Electropolishing helps eliminate burrs from the manufacturing process which helps you achieve tighter tolerances. The process of electropolishing provides corrosion resistance for longer shelf life.

One major cause of metal fatigue is a concentration of stress caused by surface imperfections on metal. When a part is eectropolished it removes these imperfections. Please contact us today for competitive pricing on your next automotive electropolishing project.

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  • Stainless Steel (304, 316, 400 Series) and many other metals
  • Medical, Automotive, Aerospace, Dental
  • Electropolishing, Passivation, Pickling, Ultrasonic Cleaning

Ask about our special pricing for first time prototype runs and our 24 hour turnaround for important projects.