ASTM B912 - Passivation Using Electropolishing

Classic Electropolishing provides passivation services adhering to ASTM B912, passivation using electropolishing for stainless steel 200 series, stainless steel 304V, stainless steel 316 and stainless steel 400 series. Electropolishing standards are used by a wide variety of industries. Some industries classify the process using standards outside of ASTM. If you have a process that you would like us to adhere to, don't hesitate to reach out and see if we can help.

Standard ASTM B912 applies to pre-electropolishing cleaning and post-electropolishing coating such as a dip and rinse process. It covers both the passivation of stainless steel and the precipitation via electropolishing. If you are an engineer working on a drawing just add the following note to your product "passivation per ASTM B912" and we will know what to do.

Classic Electropolishing adheres to the following additional standards:

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  • Stainless Steel (304, 316, 400 Series) and many other metals
  • Medical, Automotive, Aerospace, Dental
  • Electropolishing, Passivation, Pickling, Ultrasonic Cleaning

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